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Name Email Site Role
Ackerfield, Jennifer KNZ
An, Nan KNZ
Avolio, Meghan KNZ
Bachle, Seton KNZ
Baer, Sara KNZ
Baker, Annie KNZ
Bartmess, Mike KNZ
Barton, Heather KNZ
Bergsten, Ross KNZ
Black, Sarah KNZ
Blair, John KNZ
Bonjour, Sophia KNZ
Bowe, Sarah Elizabeth KNZ
Boyle, Alice KNZ
Briggs, John KNZ
Broderick, Caitlin KNZ
Brunsell, Nathaniel KNZ Climate Rep
Buis, Greg KNZ
Carson, Christine KNZ
Carson, Michael KNZ
Carter, Daniel L. KNZ
Carter, Jacob KNZ
Carter, Tiffany KNZ
Chang, Cynthia KNZ
Chaves Rodriguez, Francis KNZ
Commerford, Julie KNZ
Connell, Kent KNZ Site Grad Rep
Coolon, Joe KNZ
Coppick, Parker KNZ
Craine, Joseph KNZ
Cully, Jack KNZ
Daniels, Melinda KNZ
Davis, Chantelle KNZ
Dietrich, John KNZ
Dodds, Walter KNZ
Duell, Eric KNZ
Eckhoff, Katie KNZ
Evans, Edward KNZ
Evans, Jan KNZ
Fay, Philip KNZ
Felton, Andrew KNZ
Ferguson, Carolyn KNZ
Forrestel, Elisabeth KNZ
Foster, Bryan KNZ
Fralick, Kasey KNZ
Frenette, Bryan KNZ
Gadbury, Carol KNZ
Galeas, Mirian KNZ
Gao, Jincheng KNZ
Garrett, Karen KNZ

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