In This Issue: Braiding perspectives on the Tanana—Bonanza Creek’s artist-scientist field trip brings “Reflections” to life; NSF grants LTER-CSU partnership $12.5 million for environmental literacy; Phenology across LTER; Eyes North—National Science Board visits Alaskan LTER sites; SGS LTER unveils new research, education, and outreach facility; Happy times, sad times as SGS dedicates new facility, honors scientists, and bids other scientists farewell; Unlocking the clues of ‘Sea Secrets’—New LTER Children’s book draws readers into the fascinating world of science exploration, field-work and ocean discovery; Andrews Summer Institute introduces ‘Ecosystem Informatics’; REUs hit their stride; International LTER marches on; Update on Sevilleta’s Box Turtle project; Informaatics Bits and Bytes—Interop project launched; Plankton dynamics in the McMurdo Dry Valley lakes during the transition to Polar Night; and Publications Committee defines roles and responsibilities.