Nina Ferrari and Mark Schulze pack up equipment at a tree instrumented for bird surveys at the Andrew’s Forest. Nina’s graduate student work has trees instrumented across the forest, many of which burned in the Lookout Fire.


Aerial photo showing part of the Andrews Forest after the Lookout Fire. The mixed severity burn is fairly representative of the historical fire regime in the area.


From left to right: Cole Doolittle, PhD Candidate; Arianna Dreschler, REU student, and Mark Schulze, HJ Andrews Experimental Forest Director work together to resurvey understory vegetation in the second year after a mixed-severity wildfire.


An Oregon grape seedling, tagged, sprouts in the first year after the fire.

Andrews RETs Ivan’s RETs 2

2016 RET Leilagh Boyle co-leading field investigation lesson for the Numbers in Nature Math on the Mountain project


Fig.4 Karla takes a traditional bulk density sample at 100 cm.


Fig.4 Karla takes a traditional bulk density sample at 100 cm.


Fig.3 Chris So separates large rocks from soil and root material.


Fig.2 Soil profiles from three different watersheds with increasing rock content from 15% to >35% from left to right.