Pressure ridge

Pressure ridge on the surface of the sea ice on Elson Lagoon. Credit: Alina Spera (2021) CC BY-SA 4.0

Ice Drilling BLE

The BLE-LTER team drills a hole in the sea ice on Stefansson Sound in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Credit: James Schloemer (2021) CC BY-SA 4.0

Benthic Grab

Sydney Wilkinson and Dr Ken Dunton sort material from benthic grabs for isotope analysis.

Sydney Sea Ice

Sydney Wilkinson poses next to a block of sea ice.

Drilling Sea Ice at Beaufort

Sydney Wilkinson and Dr Ken Dunton use an ice corer to drill into the sea ice to sample the ice and create holes to sample the lagoons.


LTER Grad student Brian Kim collects research samples at Beaufort Lagoon LTER. BLE LTER


Researcher James McClelland sampling water during ice break-up in Kaktovik Lagoon, Alaska. Ken Dunton

coastal erosion

Two Inupiat BLE LTER students stand at the base of an eroding shoreline on Barter Island BLE LTER