Luke Ramsey-Wiegmann, a PhD student in the WEEL, wades through a shallow marshy part of the wetland to access the starting point for a vegetation monitoring transect.


Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis)


Patrick Gardiner, an undergraduate researcher with the WEEL, stands in a clump of young willows, cottonwoods, and saltcedars, helping lay out a transect across the riverbed.

2-Julia Hernandez Kayaking in AW

Julia Hernandez, the Wetland Ecosystem Ecology Lab (WEEL) manager with CAP LTER, paddles towards a set of vegetation monitoring plots now only accessible by boat.


The AZ 202/101 Superstack shades a lush marsh full of cattails and palms.


CAP field site at dusk, Bergin making it rain over an experimental patch in the distance.