Camp at Lake Hoare in Taylor Valley

photo4_nematode collection

A collection of soil in Taylor Valley and the nematode Scottnema lindsayae found there.


Collecting data on stream flow using a pygmy meter at Aiken Creek in Taylor Valley.


Left to right, limnology work on Lake Hoare removing and calibrating submerged sensors; surveying the stream bed at the frozen Onyx River in Wright Valley; maintaining meteorological stations at Friis Hills.

Photo1_Dry Valley Map

Map of Antarctica and the position of the McMurdo Dry Valleys


When a frozen landscape, such as this one in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, thaws — it makes all kinds of new connections. Mike Gooseff, McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER. CC-BY 4.0


The Wormherders take soil samples from the SLIME experiment site on the northern shore of Lake Bonney. On their left is the dive hut used by other LTER scientists who dove under the ice to collect lake sediment samples. On their right is a sensor station that records information from buried soil moisture sensors on the lakeshore. Natasha Griffin (CC BY 4.0)


Dr. Byron Adams (left) and Alyssa Pike (right) sort newly collected soil samples. Later, they’ll analyze the soil animals and chemistry in the samples to understand how the soil ecosystem is changing as Lake Bonney rises. Natasha Griffin (CC BY 4.0)