The Green Lakes Valley has been studied at NWT LTER since the 1980’s. Long-term data suggests that changes in lake and stream chemistries are influenced by a combination of glacial melt and other exogenous factors


Arikaree Glacier is located atop the NWT LTER Green Lakes Valley. Since the early 2000’s the glacier has become noticeably reduced in size. It’s predicted that the glacier will have vanished within the next 20 years resulting in significant changes for the surrounding ecosystem.


Figure 3. Our team of strong ecologists carrying up the transplants on a stretcher!


Figure 2. Increasing summer temperature trends at Niwot Ridge. Shown are lines from linear regression (red) and a loess function (blue).


Figure 1. View of the Niwot Ridge LTER Site in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA.


The Chronolog station at the Niwot Ridge LTER captures changes to the alpine tundra. Community members still manage to contribute photos to this remote site.


Brigham prepares a PCR reaction to amplify the DNA extracted from the soil microbial samples.


Researchers at the Niwot LTER collect data at their study plots.