Serina Wittyngham (left) and Kinsey Tedford (right) stand next to their freshly installed Chronolog station at the Virginia Coast Reserve


The repeat photography station on the Eastern Shore of the Virginia Coast Reserve captures vegetation changes along the waterfront throughout the year.


Repeat photography stations are designed to capture change throughout the year. This station, trained on an oyster reef at the Virginia Coast Reserve, is beginning to show the reef growing, along with capturing a huge range of environmental variability through the year.


Dead fallen pine tree crushing a leaf litter trap. Keryn Gedan CC BY-SA 4.0


Researchers working at the forest disturbance site, Nassawadox VA. Cora Johnston-Baird CC BY-SA 4.0


VCR-LTER-site-lightning-talk-2020 VCR Site Lightning Talk, delivered at May 2020 Science Council Meeting by Keryn Gedan.