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Field Technician – Resource Assistant 

An Internship through Mobilize Green, in collaboration with 

USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station 

Internship Duty Station: HJ Andrews Experimental Forest

6 month Paid Internship followed by conversion potential to full-time federal employee

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This internship was advertised last spring but delayed due to COVID. Please reapply if you are interested.


General Descriptions


  • Field work would be >50% of this person’s time, year round, involving working outside in all types of weather.  
  • Work with supervisor and coworkers to plan, organize, and implement field data collection for forest and stream research involving hydrology, climatology, aquatic and forest ecology, silviculture, geomorphology.
  • Data collection at stream gages and climate stations, including water sampling, checking and recalibrating sensors, programming data loggers,  downloading data, and sensor repair and replacement
  • Maintenance of field sites including updating of protective housings, clearing debris as necessary, and improving access to field sites using chain saw and other tools.
  • Assist with data collection for research on a variety of projects, including fisheries, wildlife, entomology, forest mensuration, and rare or invasive plants. Work would include identifying species, recording size, location, habitat, substrates, discharge and flow velocity, dominant and associated vegetation communities.
  •  Additional collaboration on studies involving stream research throughout stream network, carbon accounting, vegetation plot surveys, sap flow measurements, quantification of down wood and vegetation management.



  • Develop and maintain databases, analyze, tabulate and summarize scientific and programmatic data.
  • Conduct geospatial data analyses using ArcGIS and R
  • Use established graphical and statistical methods to quality control and archive field and sensor data.
  • Develop work plans and schedules that include time and cost estimates, materials, supplies, and essential equipment to accomplish a study
  • Assist in project monitoring and evaluating the effects of management decisions and projects on Forest land and surrounding communities through analysis of long-term and project data as needed.
  • Annual preparation of internal reports and presentations on progress of studies.   


Key Qualifications and Important Considerations 

  • Enthusiasm for research
  • Willingness to work long-term at remote field station in beautiful Cascade Mountains.
  • Valid driver’s license and safe driving history
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with small teams
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills
  • High attention to detail to maintain accurate records and recognize slight variation in established procedures.
  • Proficient technical skills for programming sensors and instruments
  • Good judgment for selecting appropriate protocols for each situation in order to gain the desired results.
  • Interest in natural resource management, environment sciences, hydrology, aquatic ecosystems and research with the US Forest Service
  • Physically fit – Able to wade in fast current in slippery, rocky streams and hike to 4 miles in steep and rugged terrain carrying up to 40 lbs.


Apply:  https://mobilizegreen.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=230&source=aWQ9MjI%3D

Position posted until filled