Opportunity Type:

Field Operations Center B374


Job Description

The Everglades Systems Assessment Section (ESA) of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) is seeking a wetland or estuarine/coastal ecologist to assist in developing scientific information in support of restoration of the southern Everglades and Florida Bay. This position will provide technical field and analytical support for ESA in executing largescale ecosystem restoration projects to improve water flow and hydrologic connectivity of coastal marsh, mangrove and seagrass habitat. The candidate will be responsible for scientific research involving fieldwork, data analysis, coordination and synthesis related to several ESA projects including sea level rise effects on marshes, seagrass ecology and causes of die-off, the role of sheetflow in marsh ecology and fine-scale seascape mapping analysis.  Specific duties will include assisting in developing research projects, field surveys in Florida Bay 4-6 times per year, multi-day stays at our Interagency Science Center facility in the Florida Keys, the ability to do strenuous fieldwork, operate small boats and use field sampling gear. The candidate will also be asked to perform high-level statistical and GIS analyses to evaluate spatial data on water quality and environmental status and trends, data synthesis and the curating and maintenance of a large ecological database.  Experience in using and programming in R and in MATLAB is strongly preferred.  ESA expands its capability through collaborations with universities and other agencies and this position will involve interaction and contract management of these relationships, and communication and coordination with other scientists to synthesize data.  This position plays a critical role in liaising with environmental managers and the wider research community, requiring development of presentations for scientific meetings, writing of technical documents and publishing in the scientific literature. 

Education/Experience Guide:
This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree, (Master’s preferred) in Biology or related field with emphasis on estuarine/coastal ecology with a minimum of 2+ years of qualifying technical experience.  Knowledge of Florida Bay, Everglades’ watersheds, non-point source control programs, SFWMD rules and policies is preferred.
 Valid State of Florida driver’s license.
Physical Requirements/ Working Environment:
Due to the District’s response role and in the total scope of emergency management, this position may at times, be required to provide support before, during and after major storm events and emergency situations, such as hurricanes or other declared emergencies, depending on assigned emergency response role.

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WR4304352 Landscape Analysis – Southern Everglades