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Research opportunities (MS and PhD) are available in the Malone Disturbance Ecology Lab (http://malonelab.fiu.edu/) at Florida International University.

Potential project topics include: (1) Fire regimes and community change in the Florida Everglades (GIS and Remote Sensing). (2) Hurricane induced greenhouse gas hotspots in wetland ecosystems (Carbon Fluxes; Remote Sensing). (3) Megafires and landscape patterns (GIS and Remote Sensing). (4) Hydrology and the greenhouse carbon balance of Everglade wetlands (Carbon Fluxes). (5) Disease risk in Great Basin five-needle pines (GIS and Remote Sensing). (6) Maximizing carbon sequestration in crop production.

I welcome inquiries from prospective students interested in disturbance ecology, ecosystem ecology, data science, simulation modeling, or uncertainty analysis. Applicants should be self-motivated, excited to work as part of a multi-investigator project, and be comfortable working in a diverse collaborative setting.

To apply, please contact Dr. Sparkle Malone (smalone@fiu.edu) and include the following information:
1. Interest in potential projects
2. Resume or curriculum vitae
3. Transcripts (unofficial)

Applicants are encouraged to review the following information:
Biology Department: https://biology.fiu.edu/
FIU Graduate School: http://gradschool.fiu.edu/