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A position is available in ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry, with funding availability of two years minimum. This position will primarily focus on using high-frequency in situ optical sensors to assess carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry and stoichiometry in a temperate, multi-use landscape (Lamprey River Hydrologic Observatory and White Mountains, New Hampshire) and in a tropical rain forest landscape (Luquillo LTER Puerto Rico). Available aquatic sensor data includes 15-minute records of nitrate, FDOM, turbidity, and conductance for 5 years from New Hampshire sites for 1 year from sites in Puerto Rico (see example publications: Koenig et al. 2017, Contosta et al 2017, Snyder et al. 2018, Wymore et al. 2018). Complimentary data also exist in the form of regional climatic data (both historical and future projections), soil moisture and temperature sensors, eddy-flux data, and remotely sensed imagery. As part of a larger effort at UNH to use voluminous and real-time environmental data to understand watershed function and resiliency, the successful candidate will be expected to collaborate with colleagues across departments at UNH including Analytics and Data Science, Computer Science, and Mathematics and Statistics. Opportunities also exist for off campus work and to develop novel field-based experimental work.

We seek candidates with a broad skill set who have a proven capacity to work collaboratively in a leadership position, write grants, and publish papers. We are particularly interested in candidates that have some experience in computer programming, data integration and machine learning. Some teaching opportunities may also be available. Candidates are asked to submit vitae, a statement of research experience and interests (2 page max), and names and email contacts of three references to both William H. McDowell (bill.mcdowell@unh.edu) and Adam Wymore (adam.wymore@unh.edu). Starting date is negotiable, but looking for candidates to begin as soon as possible.

If attending the 2018 Society for Freshwater Science meeting and wish to learn more, please contact Adam Wymore (adam.wymore@unh.edu) to set up a brief meeting.