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The HJ Andrews Experimental Forest Long-term Ecological Research Program is hiring a Postdoctoral Scholar to investigate species interactions and forest microclimates as drivers of community structure and ecosystem processes. The postdoc will contribute to field experiments focused on how species interactions (competition, mutualism) affect species distributions (of trees, mosses, lichens, and other taxa), as well as how microclimate might moderate species interactions and ecosystem processes. There will also be opportunities to work with long-term datasets to address questions relating to microclimate (10 years of under-canopy microclimate data across 184 sites) and species distributions in forested terrestrial-aquatic ecosystems. See full announcement for details and for instructions on how to apply: https://gradschool.oregonstate.edu/postdocs/open-positions/17566-species-interactions-and-forest-microclimates-drivers-community