Opportunity Type:

The Ecosystems Center at the Marine Biological Laboratory is seeking applicants for an entry-level Research Assistant I position with the Plum Island Ecosystems Long-Term Ecological Research (PIE-LTER) project. The LTER project is directed at understanding how the structure of the estuarine-marsh ecosystem will change over time in response to climate, sea level, and land use change, and to understand what consequences these changes will have on ecosystem function such as productivity and trophic dynamics. Research is conducted in the watersheds of the Parker and Ipswich Rivers as well as in the marshes, tidal creeks and bays of Plum Island Sound, MA. We seek an individual with some experience working independently, preferably in science, (such as a senior thesis or REU project), but who is also good at working as part of a team. Applicants should have a demonstrated aptitude for earth sciences (biology, chemistry, ecology, physics), with coursework that includes laboratory and field components. Applicants should be comfortable working outdoors in the environments described above. The successful applicant will gain broad experiences in careful laboratory analyses as well as in field techniques through strenuous field work. . During the field season (mostly spring through fall) candidates are expected to spend up to two weeks a month at the field station. Experience with small boats and trailering boats is desirable.

Funding for this position is available for up to 2 years. The preferred start date is within 2 weeks of being offered the position but no later than June 1.

Basic Qualifications:

This is an entry level position, requiring a B.A. or B.S. in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Ecology,

MBL is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where diverse experiences and perspectives combine to better the advancement of scientific inquiry and discovery.

More information and application instructions may be found online: https://tinyurl.com/246rbw3c