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Program runs June 24-June 30, 2018.

Science Outside the Lab: Urban Resilience to Extremes (SOtL UREx), presented by Arizona State University’s Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes (CSPO), explores the relationships among science, policy, and societal outcomes in a place where many important decisions about these things are made—Washington, DC. During this one week workshop, students will gain exposure to federal government perspectives on challenges faced at the local level, including federal emergency response to extreme events/disasters, responsibility and opportunity for transformative change in a new climate reality, and issues of equity including emergency responses within U.S. territories and foreign aid. Doctoral students who are interested in how the decisions about science funding, regulation, and policy will benefit from this program.

SOtL UREx anticipates funding up to 14 graduate students with amounts up to $2,000 per applicant to support lodging, city transportation, museum entries, breakfast and lunch; this funding is not inclusive of travel to the experience or dinners. UREx fellows who are selected for the program will be reimbursed for airfare and a moderate allowance for other expenses. The same funds are available for one teaching assistant (TA) position for a postdoc or alumni. Applications that advance cross-cutting questions and synthesis of policy, science, and social equity will be prioritized.

Student Applications should be sent to Andra Williams (andra.williams@asu.edu) by Friday, April 20, 2018. Successful student applicants must confirm acceptance of the offer by Monday, May 7, 2018.