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Undergraduate Research Experience

Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network

Summer 2017

The Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network (UREx SRN) is pleased to announce six opportunities for undergraduate students to participate this summer in interdisciplinary research associated with urban infrastructure resilience and community vulnerability in the face of extreme weather-related events. UREx SRN aims to generate knowledge and promote actions that will ensure urban resiliency.

UREx SRN is interested in students who have their sights set on graduate school and careers in related scientific research and outcomes. The REU opportunity will provide selected students hands-on experience in data research, analysis, stakeholder engagement and active collaboration with the UREx SRN team.

Compensation: Each REU student will receive a competitive funding package up to US$4,500 for research stipends, supplies and travel (if applicable).

Application deadline: Friday, March 24th @ 5:00 PM AZ-MST. Complete program information and application instructions can be found on the UREx SRN website under Opportunities.

Opportunity 1: Miami, FL
Flood mitigation and ecosystem restoration strategies that enhance human-ecosystem connectivity and health in coastal urban systems

Opportunity 2: Phoenix, AZ
The relationship of urban design and microclimate in influencing behavior to mitigate heat exposure on public transit stops in Phoenix Metro Area

Opportunity 3: Phoenix, AZ
Does vacant land in UREx SRN cities contribute to resilience or vulnerability?

Opportunity 4: Phoenix, AZ
Cost-effectiveness of municipal climate change adaptation strategies

Opportunity 5: Phoenix, AZ
Financing options for green infrastructure projects in San Juan, Puerto Rico: Transitions and implementation for urban resilience to extreme weather events

Opportunity 6: Portland, OR
Understanding the Capacity of Green Infrastructure to Mediate Extreme Heat Events in the Pacific Northwest

What type of undergraduate students are we looking for? We would like students with the following traits:

  • a passion for research
  • a desire to engage in a life-changing research experience
  • a strong and creative work ethic
  • a willingness to challenge yourself, while having fun, and being committed to collaborative learning
  • a strong interest in sustainability, climate change, urbanism, infrastructure and community
  • a desire to learn more about all aspects of research
  • a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone, learn about yourself, and challenge your world views