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International Long Term Ecological Research Network 2000

The ILTER 200 book was produced by the U.S. LTER Network Office in July, 2000. Twenty one countries provided chapters for this publication, in addition to Regional Reports from Central Europe, Asia, and North America.

July 31, 2000
1998 Ecological Informatics in Long Term Ecological Research Brochure

Information Managers in the Long Term Ecological Research Network created this brochure to promote ecological science at the site, network, and global levels through bottom-up and research-driven approaches to informatics.

January 18, 1999
International Long Term Ecological Research Network 1998

The following ILTER Network countries provided chapters for a book on the ILTER network published by the US LTER Network Office in July 1998. (No chapters were provided by Colombia or Mongolia.) See also

July 31, 1998
1996 LTER Network Office-Sponsored Publications

List of network office publications as of 1996.

July 30, 1996