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ClimDB/HydroDb (ClimHy) Database Migration to LNOSuzanne Remillard and Don Henshaw1
LTER IMC and IMExec: 2009 Progress and PlanningMargaret O’Brien and Don Henshaw2
Experiences from an Information Management Cross-Site VisitNicole Kaplan and Karen Baker3
Continuing education options for information managersLynn Yarmey3
News Bits
GIS Working Group ReportTheresa Valentine and Jamie Hollingsworth4
IMC Governance Working Group Report4
LTER Unit Registry: Products and ProcessesMason Kortz5
Developing a Controlled Vocabulary for LTER DataJohn Porter6
Beware the Ida’s of NovemberJohn Porter6
How do you put your GIS metadata in EML Format?Jonathan Walsh6
Good Tools and Programs
FireBug: Web Customizing To Fit Your NeedsSean Wiley7
Matplotlib: An Open Source Python 2-D Plotting LibraryJames Conners7
Good Reads
A book for data peopleJonathan Walsh8
Nature special issue on Data SharingJohn Porter8
Standards and Data Sharing in EcologyJohn Porter8
Identifying Best Practice and Skill for Workforce Development in Data CurationKaren S. Baker9
The Ghost Map by Steven JohnsonTheresa Valentine9