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Featured in this issue: Data management tools & resources, 2000 All-Scientists Meeting DataBits continues as a semi-annual electronic publication of the Long Term Ecological Research Network. It is designed to provide a timely, online resource for research information managers and to incorporate rotating co-editorship. Availability is through web browsing as well as hardcopy output. LTER mail list IMplus will receive DataBits publication notification. Others may subscribe by sending email to with two lines “subscribe databits” and “end” as the message body. To communicate suggestions, articles, and/or interest in co-editing, send email to

—– Co-editors: Denise Steigerwald (MCM) and Ned Gardiner (CWT)

Table of Contents

Featured Articles
Tools for Data Management – an XML-based Metadata Editor in JavaRudolph Nottrott2
Review of Dragon NatuallySpeaking Preferred Dictation for Data EntryJohn P. Anderson3
Providing Controllable WWW animations using JAVASCRIPTJohn H. Porter6
Plans for the 2000 All Scientists Meeting Workshops on Information ManagementBarbara Benson7
News Bits
Planning Workshops for the National Ecological Observatory NetworkBarbara Benson10
LTER Site Description Directory UpdateKaren Baker10
Bioinformatics WhitepaperPeter McCartney11
LTER Site Information System Elements SurveyKaren Baker11
Central Arizona-Phoenix Biological Databases & Informatics (CAP BDI) ProjectPeter McCartney12
BioQuest Education MaterialsKaren Baker12
Virtual Tour Using Quicktime AuthoringKaren Baker12
Good Reads
How To Manage Data Badly (Parts 1 & 2)Darrell Blodgett13
Frequently Asked Questions
What guidance is there for new LTER information managers?Karen Baker14
I have a large number of CD’s to label. What are my options?Karen Baker15
Where can I find information on how to copyright data, web material, or other documents?Karen Baker15