In 2021, the Ecological Society of America Meeting will be fully online. Tracking down LTER talks and sessions has been a bit more challenging this year than in previous years. Please use the form at the end of this page to submit your talk, session, or poster and the LTER Network Office will continue to update this page throughout the meeting. Most talks will also be available to registered participants after the meeting, so please use this page as a continuing resource through the coming year.

The live discussions assume that participants have watched the associated talks. For that reason, we have listed live sessions and the associated LTER talks first, in the order that the live sessions occur. Further down the page, you’ll find the list of contributed talks and posters authored by LTER investigators. Initials after a talk or session indicate the associated site or network. No initials indicate a session for which no LTER connection was identified, but in which an LTER talk will be discussed.

If your talk is missing, please submit the title and link though this form and we’ll add it…and next year, be sure to include LTER or Long Term Ecological Research in the title, abstract or bio.

Talks and sessions organized by LTER or EDI investigators

Monday, August 2

Tuesday, August 3

Wednesday, August 4

Thursday, August 5

Pre-recorded talks in contributed sessions: