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Tallgrass Artist Resident Rena Detrixhe working on her installation at Konza Prairie Biological Station, 2017.
Credit: Mark Andrus

The Tallgrass Artist Residency frequently collaborates with the Konza Prairie Biological Station. For more information, visit the program website.

Rena Detrixhe, 2017 Tallgrass Artist in Residence, combines collected or scavenged materials and repetitive process to produce large, meticulous art installations. She uses a poetic understanding of time, material, history, and place to illustrate constant reckoning with human impact. This project explores systems of value in relation to land and water. It also emphasizes slowness as a means of cultivating empathy and understanding. Detrixhe presented her work as an installation/program at Konza Prairie Biological Station in October 2018.

Project Status: Ongoing

Rena Detrixhe working on her indoor installation, 2017

Credit: Elizabeth Dodd