Goals and Background. Engagement of arts and humanities in LTER programs has grown substantially over the past few years, to the point where now more than half of the LTER sites have operating or planned programs. This emergence has been the source of much excitement within and outside of the LTER Network. Four sites have accumulated substantial bodies of artistic and written works, a sampling of which has been displayed at NSF headquarters, the 2012 Ecological Society of American meeting, the 2012 LTER All-Scientists Meeting, and other venues. Discussions are underway concerning displaying these works in other venues and also assembling a new exhibit for NSF and ESA in 2013. The Arts/Humanities Working Group has met at the last three ASMs, including 26 participants from a dozen sites in the 2012 workshop. An LNO-sponsored workshop at AND in May 2011 brought together a dozen LTER and several non-LTER sites, leading to the development of the Ecological Reflections Network www.ecologicalreflections.com for sharing information and profiles of ~20 sites undertaking this work.