This proposal outlines a project to use the GCE Metabase Metadata Management System (MMS)

as a foundation for developing a software-as-a-service solution that would serve the needs of

LTER sites that are currently generating EML using dataset -instance-based tools such as

Morpho and the needs of sites that need to rapidly ingest and upgrade their EML. Relational

database management systems (RDBMS) are an important and valuable site metadata storage

and presentation option because they provide central, canonical sources of metadata that can be

leveraged to both store authoritative information on a dataset and provide auto-generated EML

content than can be used for collaborations that extend across the LTER network and beyond.

Since data sources are authoritative and outputs like EML are generated with SQL, upgrades to

accommodate systemic changes lik shifts in EML best- can be managed simultaneously.