2022 All Scientists' Meeting

Please use this form to identify which participants (up to 8 per site, including information managers) will be funded by the LTER Network Office. Open registration for all others will be available (and widely advertised) soon.

General Meeting Information:

  • The LNO will cover flights or mileage, meeting registration, and Asilomar lodging and meals for a total 8 people per site. (That's 7 people in addition to IMs, who have meeting funds allocated each year.)
    • We expect those funds to be allocated to participants without other sources of funds or to early career researchers and/or those with diverse backgrounds.
    • Sites will be expected to pick up travel meals and incidental expenses in order to limit the number and complexity of reimbursements that have to be processed at NCEAS.
  • The overall meeting limit will be 600 people (average of ~20 per site).
  • We've reserved the entire Monarch Hotel (~1 mile from Asilomar) for overflow and will set up shuttle service. We will handle room assignments at the Monarch through our own ASM reservation site.
  • In-person posters will be limited to 4 per site with no limit for an online showcase.
  • Cost for people not covered by the LNO:
    • $750 for meeting registration, shared lodging at Asilomar and all meals.
    • A limited number of private rooms will be available at Asilomar for an additional cost.
    • Rooms at the Monarch Resort will be ~$200/night and a $400 offsite registration fee will cover all meals and meeting activities.
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Please list the participants from your site who should receive LNO funding. We will directly provide them a registration code and information about how to reserve flights through our travel service. Click the plus sign (+) at the right of each row to add participants (up to 8). Typical entries for site roles would be: IM (Information Manager), Research Coordinator, Education Rep, DEI Rep, Grad Rep, Grad Student, Postdoc, etc.
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