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Personnel Update Template
Please use the attached file for submitting NEW personnel updates. Use the existing entries as a guide, but delete them prior to submission. To update existing personnel, request a current download from Marty Downs, change any incorrect information and submit the updated file. When the LDAP is updated, changes will flow down to the website... Read more »
October 30, 2018
Travel Reimbursement Form
Participants in LTER synthesis groups will receive travel reimbursement forms that have been pre-filled with approved travelers and travel dates approximately one week before their scheduled meeting. Occasionally the need arises to reimburse travelers outside of the formal working group process. To request reimbursement in such situations (such as pre-approved use of committee funds or... Read more »
October 23, 2018
Personnel Update Instructions
Updated August 30, 2018 Instructions: A general example template is presented here, but please request an updated personnel list from the Network Office before making major updates to site personnel -- otherwise changes made by the individual or by other sites with which they are affiliated may be lost. Template:
August 30, 2018