The Dataspire training fosters educators’ and students’ abilities to engage confidently with data in their daily lives.

The next Data Literacy Using LTER Data Workshop Series will be offered in the last week of June 2024 and is required for teachers participating in ARETS@LTERS. Through a series of 8 short, 90-minute, online, interactive workshops we unpack what is involved in teaching with data. Participants network with other data-interested educators to enhance their own data literacy skills and build a repertoire of techniques for teaching. We use current data from the Arctic, HJ Andrews Forest, and Santa Barbara Coastal Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites.


  • Increase your confidence in using practices that are key elements of the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core Mathematics Standards
  • Get new ideas for engaging your students in using and analyzing data practices
  • Dive more deeply into common areas that trip up students while they are working with data
  • Time to explore and modify activities for your classroom that address the topic being covered
  • Practice incorporating data analysis, interpretation, and computational thinking into what you already do
  • Network with teachers from across the country and learn about publicly-available data from the LTER network


The $194 registration fee will be paid with grant funds. ARETS teachers will participate for free.

To Apply

We are seeking middle- and high school teachers who teach in Alaska, California (Santa Barbara and Ventura counties), Oregon, or the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. We think teachers from a variety of STEM disciplines will get the most out of the experience; however teachers from any discipline who are interested in the topic are welcome. 

For Questions

  • Teachers in Alaska: Amanda Morrison at
  • Teachers in Santa Barbara: Scott Simon at
  • Teachers in Wisconsin or Oregon: Kari O’Connell at