John J. Magnuson
Timothy K. Kratz
Barbara J. Benson

This site-synthesis volume presents 20 years of work at the North Temperate Lakes Long-Term Research Site. It provides the definitive information base for the ecology of temperate lakes, and a general assessment of the role of lakes within their landscapes.

The Wisconsin temperate lakes LTER site has had a major role in the growth of our modern limonological understanding, and this book also chronicles the history of this work.

The book should be of interest to most American limonologists and a significant number of general ecologists.


“Entertaining, informative, well-structured, and well-illustrated book…” – Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin

“I highly recommend this book to all those who are interested in long-term researches on lakes, and are confronted with lake-management issues…” – SIL News

“The book is not only an excellent summary of the innovative landscape-scale work done at North Temperate Lakes (NTL), one of the six original LTER sites, but it also provides an engaging history of the site’s operations and evolving research goals. … Exceptionally well written.” – Ecology

“This book provides an excellent overview and introduction to the literature of this very successful research program. This book should be in all academic libraries in Wisconsin and other parts of the lake-rich northland, and will also be useful to aquatic ecologists worldwide.” – Choice

Number of pages: 464
Format: Hardcover
Number of illustrations: 158
Dimensions: 6-1/8 x 9-1/4
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Publication Date: 2005-08

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