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Name Email Site Role
Alteio, Lauren HFR Site Grad Rep
Anthony, Mark HFR
Aubrecht, Donald HFR
Barber, Grace HFR
Barker Plotkin, Audrey HFR
Bennett, Katherine HFR
Berbeco, Minda HFR
berbeco, minda HFR
Boose, Emery HFR Information Manager, Climate Rep
Bowden, Richard HFR
Bowlen, Jeannette HFR
Brzostek, Edward HFR
Burakowski, Elizabeth HFR
Burk, John HFR
Butler, Jessica HFR
Colburn, Elizabeth HFR
Contosta, Alix HFR
Crowther, Thomas HFR
D Amato, Anthony HFR
Degrassi, Allyson HFR
Del Toro, Israel HFR
Donohue, Kathleen HFR
Doughty, Elaine HFR
Dow, Graham HFR
Duveneck, Matthew HFR
Ellin, Edythe HFR
Ellison, Aaron HFR
Finzi, Adrien HFR
Flye, Barbara HFR
Foster, David HFR Principal Investigator, Primary Contact
Frankson, Paul HFR
Frey, Serita HFR
Haddad, Danielle HFR
Hadley, Julian HFR
Hall, Brian HFR
Hall, Julie HFR
Hamaoui, George HFR
Hampson, Linda HFR
Hart, Clarisse HFR
Hassabelkreem, Ahmed HFR
Hoff, Claire HFR
Hufkens, Koen HFR
Huggett, Brett HFR
Hutyra, Lucy HFR
Kittredge, David HFR Social Science Rep
Klosterman, Stephen HFR
Kroeger, Marie HFR
Kuzeja, Paul HFR
Lajtha, Kate HFR
Landis, Elizabeth HFR

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