Inside This Issue: TOP STORIES – LTER Education Symposium At NSF, In Memorium, LTER Celebrates 20th Anniversary – SITE NEWS, HBR ‘Science Links’ BES Investigator Accepts Presidential Award, Hi-res Satellite Data, Art McKee Retires – NETWORKING – LTER Spatial Data Workbench, SDSC-LTER Collaboration, SCI2002 Conference, Engaging Local Stakeholders in Ecological Monitoring, Urban LTER Sites Gear up for Renewal Process, Microbial Research, Workshops Further Wireless Effort, Ecoinformatics Training in Mozambique, DIRT: Extending an LTER Project to ILTER, NEON Spells Opportunity, Eco-hydrology insights from forest harvest experiments, Central and Eastern European Network Continues to Develop, Ecological Research in the Caribbean – EDUCATION – CWT Links Science and Education, PIE Builds SLTER with Partnerships – INTERNATIONAL – EMAN – Delivering Research Findings