In This issue: Wireless technology to the rescue; Decadal Plan for LTER now released; LTER sites engage the Arts and Humanities; LNO renewal proposal under development; Report on Integrating Social Science into NSF Environmental Observatories; OBFS data to be queried via ORNLDAAC’s search system; LNO cyberinfrastructure project gets NSF funding; Web logs catching on in LTER; NSF concludes 2007 LTER mid-term site reviews; current affairs at Andrews; NTL scientists providing leadership in GLEON; Shortgrass Steppe does Ag Day; VCR investigating carbon cycling in a lagoonal salt marsh; SEEDS program grows with LTER; Harvard Forest’s Summer Institute for Teachers; Grads share their research at MCM annual meeting; Teaching LTER in cyberscape; SBC employs SPOT satellite imagery to integrate Giant Kelp forest observations; LTER unveils cyberinfrastructure strategic plan; LTER scientists participate in 2007 George Bush US-China Relations Conference.