In This Issue: Another successful All Scientists Meeting; View from the Chair; Barbara Benson retires; In Memoriam: Stanley Dodson; Digging in the dirt: trans-Atlantic studies on across-boundary systems; LTER at 30; I eat my words; but I won’t waste the new research opportunity; ENDURANCE excites MCM lake scientists; CAP LTER’s summer ecology program for low-income children; Harvard Forest Schoolyard LTER teacher published in Biology Letters; Mangrove forest recovery in the Everglades following Hurricane Wilma; Graduate students hold successful symposium at ASM; FCE student researcher gets planet named after him; Mud, mice, maggots, and 5th-graders!; Keeping computing safe in the Internet age; Hydrologic effects from ecosystem responses to climate and land use changes; Integrating science, society, and education for sustainability; IMC holds annual meeting at ASM; EcoTrends update; Alpine ecology workshop in Switzerland; “Frontier in Ecosystem Ecology of Northern Forests” in Japanese LTER sites.