List of Acronyms used in approximate order of appearance:

LTER – Long Term Ecological Research
LNO – LTER Network Office
NSF – National Science Foundation
EB – LTER Network Executive Board
ARRA – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
SC – LTER Network Science Council
DSS – LNO Director of Synthesis Support
FTE – Full-time Equivalent
ED – LNO Executive Director
ASM – LTER All Scientists Meeting
UNM – University of New Mexico
IMC – LTER Information Management Committee
NIS – LTER Network Information System
CIO – LTER Network Chief Information Officer
NIM – LTER Network Information Manager
SIM – LTER Site Information Manager
CI – Cyberinfrastructure
SEV – Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge LTER
VTC – Video-Teleconference
IMExec – LTER Information Management Executive Committee
MTS – UNM Media Technology Services
ASA – LNO Application Support Analyst
CA – NSF Cooperative Agreement
CPU – Central Processing Unit
URL – Uniform Resource Locator
IM – Information Management
NISAC – LTER Network Information System Advisory Committee
QA/QC – Quality Assurance / Quality Control
ClimDB/HydroDB – LTER Network climate and hydrology databases
RFC – Request for Comments
ND – LTER Network Information System Developer
EML – Ecological Metadata Language
ESA – Ecological Society of America
USDA – US Department of Agriculture
DOE – US Department of Energy
USGS – US Geological Survey
OCI – NSF Office of Cyberinfrastructure
NAP3 – LNO NIS Programmer Analyst III
NAP2 – LNO NIS Programmer Analyst II
NAPI – LNO NIS Programmer Intern
PASTA – Provenance Aware Synthesis Tracking Architecture
RUP – Rational Unified Process
GUID – Globally Unique Identifier
GBIF – Global Biodiversity Information Facility
GIS – Geographic Information System
CUASHI – Consortium of Universities for Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc.
CUASHI HIS – CUASHI Hydrologic Information System
NEON – National Ecological Observatory Network
CILogon – NCSA supported to facilitate secure access to CI
DataONE – Data Observation Network for Earth
NAB – LTER National Advisory Board
NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NOAA – National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
DOD – US Department of Defense
AAAS – American Association for the Advancement of Science
SACNAS – Society for Advancing Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science
NBII – National Biological Information Infrastructure
NCEAS – National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
SEEK – Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge
NSF-BIO – NSF Biology Directorate
NESCent – National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
SDSC – San Diego Supercomputer Center
NCSA – National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NCAR – National Center for Atmospheric Research
OOI – Ocean Observatory Initiative
USDA FS – USDA Forest Service
LTAR – Long Term Agricultural Research Network
ULTRA – Urban Long Term Research Areas
ORNL – Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ORNL DAAC – ORNL Distributed Active Archive Center
VDC – Virtual Data Center INTEROP Project
AIBS – American Institute of Biological Sciences
OBFS – Organization of Biological Field Stations

Other terms:
Controlled Vocabulary Working Group – IMC working group developing an LTER specific controlled vocabulary.
Unit Registry Working Group – IMC working group developing a database and interface for vetting EML custom units.
NIS Developers – LNO NIS personnel
Chair – The chairperson of the LTER Network Science Council and Executive Board