The All-Scientists’ Meeting only happens every 3 years. The workshops offer an amazing smorgasbord of fresh results, new theory, tools, and opportunities to make progress on old challenges. But as the organizing committee contemplated the 2018 All Scientists’ Meeting, we also wanted a place for the Network to look forward…a way to engage the energy and imagination of a new generation of LTER scientists.

Credit: M. Downs/LTER-NCO CC BY-SA 4.0

On Monday evening, October 1st, we invite you to join us in the first-ever LTER Idea Cafe. Think Barroom napkin meets PechaKucha. Toss in a bit of Story Collider or poetry slam if you’re really ambitious.

What is it?

Each participant will get 3 minutes–with or without slides–to tell an audience of LTER colleagues about an idea that really capitalizes on the opportunity presented by the nearly 40 years of LTER Network science. The venue will be relaxed, laid back, with drinks and snacks available. The pitch might involve a theory that you think could be tested with LTER data or a new kind of cross-site experiment. Maybe it’s a clever way of connecting LTER science with users…or something we don’t even know we might need yet.

There’s no need to have all the details worked out. Just tell the story of what inspired you or made you curious, what the idea is, and why it’s a fit for LTER.

Who’s eligible?

Anyone. Students, Staff, Postdocs, people who have spent their whole careers with the Network and those who have just arrived.

How do I put my idea in the hat?

Submit a title and a 1-2 sentence description of your idea on the form below. The organizing committee will select up to 15 people to present their ideas on Monday evening. They will aim for an interesting cross-section of approaches, career stages, and perspectives.

What happens to the ideas?

That kind of depends how inspired the audience gets. You might find colleagues to put together a working group or a proposal. The Science Council or the Network Communications Office might get excited about an idea and put their shoulder to the wheel alongside yours. Or your friends will give you a high-five and move on. But it’s all part of the fun.

We don’t get that many chances to all get together in one place. Let’s make the most of this one.

Submit your idea here: