Caption: The BioCON experiment at Cedar Creek LTER focuses on understanding the interactions between carbon dioxide concentration, nutrients, and biodiversity. Credit: Susan Barrott. Cedar Creek LTER. CC-BY 4.0


Savanna bur oaks during a spring controlled burn at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Reserve LTER. Susan Barrott CC BY-SA 4.0


Planned action items generated at the Cedar Creek LTER site in response to Black Lives Matter anti-racism protests in the Spring of 2020. Cedar Creek LTER Community

Soil Resources

CDR Experiment E141 – BioCON (Biodiversity, CO2, and N) / TeRaCON (Temperature, Rainfall, CO2, and N) experiments. Susan Barrott

Chronic N Enrichment

CDR Experiment E002 – Long-Term Nitrogen Addition to Disturbed Vegetation. Jacob Miller

Biodiversity increases

Left =1994 Big Biodiversity herbaceous community plots. Rectangular grid adjacent to lower right corner of Big Bio = 2012 forest biodiversity experiment (FAB l) high density forest plots. Far right gridded section = 2015 forest biodiversity experiment (FAB ll) low density plots. Forest Isbell