LTER Researchers learn about the Kellogg Biological Station at the 2023 Science Council Meeting.


Alli Zahorec collecting data on prairie plants at the LTER MCSE


Diversity of annual row cropping systems in LTAR ACSE in July 2023. Sustainably Intensified: a) Soybean, b) Winter wheat, c) Winter canola, d) Forage, e) Corn, f) Restored prairie. Conventional: g) Soybean, h) Corn.


Aerial view of the Long-Term Agroecosystem Research (LTAR) Aspirational Cropping Systems (ACSE) located at the Kellogg Biological Station LTER in Southwest Michigan being sampled with malaise traps in July 2023.


KBS graduate student collects insects from a malaise trap in the field.


Members of the Michigan Prairie Strips team at the Kellogg Biological Station LTER.


A soil core from the Kellogg Biological Station LTER. Biogeochemical data from cores across the LTER network allowed researchers to study the link between the carbon and nitrogen cycles in this synthesis project.