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The Central Arizona-Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research (CAP LTER) program seeks a postdoctoral research scientist to join the Scenarios and Futures research team at Arizona State University. The focus of research will be on scenario co-development and spatially explicit scenario modeling of urban change under possible alternate future scenarios. The postdoctoral fellow will play a key role in the scenario development process, modeling, analysis, and visualization. CAP LTER is funded by the National Science Foundation; more information about CAP LTER can be found here: https://sustainability.asu.edu/caplter.

Postdoctoral research will include participatory engagement to explore options and opportunities for building positive futures, understanding trade-offs associated with possible interventions for social, ecological, and technical domains of urban systems, and assessing how urban change will affect the future ability of ecosystems to provide ecosystem services for sustainability, resilience, and equity. The postdoctoral fellow will participate in this ongoing research program in CAP LTER, will be tightly connected to related research, and will develop new research based on his or her interest and expertise with Dr. Nancy Grimm, Dr. David Iwaniec, and colleagues on the project.