Opportunity Type:

Degree and area of specialization:

A Master’s degree is required, in science, information science or other relevant field preferred.

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:

Demonstrated basic skills and 1-2 years of experience in scientific data handling and data processing script writing plus some knowledge of ecological principles and field data collection.

Position Summary:

The Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) is a new project, funded by the National Science Foundation to provide professional data management, archiving and publishing to other projects funded by the NSF Division of Biology program, specifically the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER), Long Term Research in Environmental Biology (LTREB), Macrosystems Biology (MSB), and the Organization of Biological Field Stations (OBFS). Duties of the Training and Outreach Coordinator will include developing, organizing, and conducting online and in person training sessions on all aspects of the science data life cycle and open science methodologies.

Principal duties:

  • Coordinate and deliver training (40%)
  • Coordinate and handle logistics of in person training workshop (advertise, choose and invite participants, invite other trainers, work with Center staff on logistics and budgeting)
  • Deliver in person training sessions at national meetings
  • Deliver regular online webinars
  • Coordinate with and deliver data management training to self-organized groups (e.g., lab groups, student groups) upon request in person or online.
  • Develop training content and community resources (25%)
  • Gather specific training needs from students, scientists and data managers
  • Collaborate with other training efforts to develop cross cutting materials and approaches
  • Develop training curricula for different groups (graduate students, researchers, data managers)
  • Develop optimal delivery mechanisms (webinar, web postings, in person workshops)
  • Develop outreach and communication program for EDI (20%)
  • Maintain and update website content
  • Publish regular e-mail with news items
  • Lead and/or collaborate on papers describing successes and experiences in EDI outreach and training to be publications in appropriate outlets
  • Develop and conduct assessments for training and outreach activities (15%)
  • Develop metrics for assessing impact of training
  • Administer assessments
  • Report on impact of training and outreach

Additional Information:

Experience and comfort with public speaking and teaching to a wide variety of audiences in person and with online communication technologies; Demonstrated capacity to learn quickly, work independently, as well as work well within teams; Attention to detail and the skills to communicate effectively with ecologists as well as technical staff in person and in writing are extremely important.

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