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The National Science Foundation funds a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at Kellogg Biological Station near Kalamazoo, MI entitled “Ecological & Evolutionary Dynamics in a Changing World” that gives students an opportunity to conduct full-time research in collaboration with outstanding faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.

All REU positions offer a generous stipend, FREE room and board at KBS, up to $550 towards travel costs, and up to $250 for research supplies.

What are the benefits of an REU at KBS?

  • Join a dynamic group of students and faculty for an authentic field research experience
  • Learn the process of research: reading the literature, formulating questions and hypotheses, designing a study, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting results as a research poster
  • Explore if a career in research is the right choice
  • Build references for applications to graduate school or other professional programs
  • Participate in professional development seminars to think broadly about STEM career options

If you have questions about the program or application process, please email KBSsummer@kbs.msu.edu.

For more information, visit the official program page.