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The Priscu Research Group is seeking a motivated Ph.D. student to work on the aquatic systems in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica as part of the McMurdo LTER project

This six-year interdisciplinary project extends 24 years of previous data collection on the permanently ice-covered lakes of the region and will focus on biogeochemical responses to changes in landscape connectivity and climate. The successful applicant will be expected to interact with technicians, graduate students and PI’s in Antarctic fieldwork. The successful applicant must also pass the medical and dental exams required by NSF for Antarctic deployment. A Master’s degree in ecosystem modeling, aquatic biogeochemistry, or microbial ecology is desirable. 

Interested students should contact Amy Chiuchiolo, Montana State University, Bozeman (achiuchiolo@montana.edu) and include a brief statement of interest. 

For more information about the Priscu Research Group, see: http://www.montana.edu/priscu/