Opportunity Type:

Campus: Tempe

Project Manager

Job Description:

Seeking a motivated, organized, and experienced Project Manager to help coordinate several research and educational projects over the next five years. Two projects in particular will take most of the Project Manager’s time: a new ESSA Scholars network and the NATURA network of networks established in fall 2019. The Project Manager will work collaboratively with multiple partners both inside and outside the academy.

About ESSA Scholars
An exciting new graduate training network is being formed at ASU that will revolutionize the way we train graduate scholars for careers in the Anthropocene. Challenges of this new age require systems thinking and convergence across disciplines in collaborative team science. ESSA scholars will recognize diverse ways of knowing and the societal and cultural underpinnings of Anthropocene challenges that enable effective communication beyond the academy and a focus on solutions that are just and equitable. ESSA scholars will design their own curricula to incorporate these elements, and engage together in problem-based learning in urban, drylands, marine conservation, or Arctic contexts.

Nature-based Solutions for Urban Resilience in the Anthropocene (NATURA) is a 5-year project designed to exchange knowledge, share data, and enhance communication among research disciplines around the world and across the research-practice divide to advance urban resilience in face of growing threats of extreme weather events. This project links over 30 networks in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and Latin America to apply nature-based solutions (NBS) in a wide range of social, ecological, and technological contexts. NATURA is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Award Abstract #1927468.

The Project Manager will work under the project director for both the ESSA Scholars and NATURA networks, and will work closely and collaboratively with team members in these and other projects, including faculty, graduate program directors, university administrators, executive and coordinating teams, network researchers and practitioners, postdoctoral scholars, and students. The Project Manager will organize and oversee progress on project tasks, conduct literature reviews, coordinate communication and integration among the networks, work with program evaluators to develop logic models for educational goals, lead the development of frameworks for evaluating progress toward goals, and coordinate efforts by all parties to ensure timely delivery of project outcomes in accordance with visions and goals.

More details available HERE.