LTER Research Experience for Teachers

Two high school age students examine an instrument, with an adult in background.
Timothy Hidalgo-Vega and Vanessa Castellaños from the Felix Varela Senior High School Global Studies MAGNET testing equipment before collecting data under the watchful eye of Research Experience for Teacher fellow, Ms. Catherine Laroche

The Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program engaging teachers in authentic field-based science that deepens their understanding of research and its applicability to their students.

The NSF-funded Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program matches K-12 teachers with scientists for 8-10 weeks of field data collection and independent research. The goal of the LTER RET program is to enhance the professional development of K-12 science educators through research experience at the emerging frontiers of science in order to bring new knowledge into the classroom. RETs are recruited from a variety of site partnerships. The RETs become intensely involved in individual research projects, and they are exposed to each sites broader research program. The goals of the programs vary from site to site to better focus on site specific research projects.

Current and Past LTER RET programs