After a huge tree crashes to the ground during a winter storm, ten-year-old Ellie and her new friend, Ricky, explore the forest where Ellie lives. Together, they learn how trees provide habitat for plants and animals high in the forest canopy, down among mossy old logs, and deep in the pools of a stream. The plants, insects, birds, and mammals they discover come to life in colored pen-and-ink drawings.

An engaging blend of science and storytelling, Ellie’s Log also features:

  • Pages from Ellie’s own field notebook, which provide a model for recording observations in nature
  • Ellie’s advice to readers for keeping a field notebook
  • Ellie’s book recommendations
  • Online resources for readers and teachers—including a Teacher’s Guide—are available at the companion website: ellieslog.org.

The forest and animals described in Ellie’s Log are based on those found at the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest in the Oregon Cascades, where researchers have been learning about forests and streams for decades.