LTER Network Office

Anya Shipunova (MBLWhoIL) gives a presentation on Information Management to the DEIMS 2011 group in the Training Lab at the LTER Network Office

Key Research Findings:

The NIS Data Portal is the new interface to LTER data in the NIS. The NIS repository contains data contributed by 27 past and present LTER sites. See the NIS Data Portal here

Overview: The LTER Network Office was created by the National Science Foundation to support and coordinate network and site activities of the U.S. Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network.
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History: The LTER Network Office was established in 1983 to support and promote the following Network activities: -Facilitating communication among the LTER sites and between the LTER Program and other scientific communities -Supporting the planning and conduct of collaborative research efforts, including provision of technical support services -Facilitating intersite scientific activities, including national and international meetings -Providing a focal point and collective representation of the LTER Network in its external relationships
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