We are excited to announce the LTER #ASM2018 T-Shirt Design Competition! This competition is an opportunity for students, researchers, and others affiliated with any of the 28 LTER Network sites to showcase their artistic ability, creativity, and communication of the conference theme through graphic design. The T-shirt should incorporate the theme of this year’s All Scientists’ Meeting, Next Generation Synthesis: Successes and Strategies.

Who can participate?

Anyone (student or staff) working at, or affiliated with, an LTER site is eligible for participation in this competition.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Each individual is able to enter one (1) T-shirt in the competition. Groups of people can submit a T-shirt design, but no individual can submit more than one design total.
  • The T-Shirt design must be located on the front.
  • All designs must contain a non-distorted LTER Network logo. (these logos are available for download on the LTER website).
  • The text “LTER All Scientists’ Meeting 2018” & “Next Generation Synthesis: Successes and Strategies” must be somewhere in the design.
  • Accepted file types include: .pdf, .eps
    • Vector file types (.eps formats) are preferred for resolution purposes
  • Submitted designs must not violate copyright laws.
  • Standard t-shirt size guidelines (keep in mind that these are simply guidelines to help you get started, not rules by any means):
    • 12-16” wide by 16-20” tall
    • 300 dpi
  • If your design is chosen as the winner, LTER has the exclusive right to printing and production of said design for the 2018 All Scientists’ Meeting.
  • No printed or hand-drawn designs will be accepted.

What do you get out of it?

In addition to bragging rights, winning this competition will feature your design at the All Scientists’ Meeting with hundreds of attendees! The winning individual(s) will also receive a free T-shirt (they will otherwise be available at the ASM for a fee) and additional small prize. The winning design will also be featured on the LTER website and social media channels.

Where do you submit an entry?

The call for submissions is now closed. Entries have been judged by the LTER Graduate Student Representatives Committee and 2 finalists have been announced. We have posted finalists’ designs to the LTER Facebook page for 1 week. The design with the most votes/likes (organic and not paid) and after a final approval from LTER NCO staff will be selected the winner of the competition. Make sure to like our FB Page to check out this year’s entries, and vote by September 5th!

If you have any questions, please email LTER Network Communications Coordinator Kristen Weiss: weiss@nceas.ucsb.edu