Gradient of Soil Fertilization Helps Tundra Shrubs Expand Across the Arctic

Scientists at the Arctic LTER find that different points along a gradient of soil fertility aid ectomycorrhizal and ericaceous tundra shrubs. Their findings hint at the potential for those two types of shrubs to co-expand over the Arctic—a previously unconsidered scenario that could have vast implications for the future of the northern tundra

Remaining Relevant: The Hubbard Brook Online Book

As ecological trends change with a changing climate, the Hubbard Brook Online Book will continue to reflect the most current understanding of the forest ecosystem whenever it is read.

The memory of an oyster shell

A recent paper from researchers at the University of Georgia, in collaboration with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, uses oxygen isotope analysis of mollusk shells found at archaeological sites to show how ancestral Muskogean villages collectively, and sustainably, managed shellfish harvest.