Swamp Eels Wreak Havoc on Small Species at the Florida Coastal Everglades LTER

A beige net surrounds a brown swamp eel, making an s shape on the net material.

Since its introduction in 2009, the swamp eel has nearly eliminated several populations of small aquatic species in the Everglades watershed. The new invasive may be more disruptive to the Everglades than the park’s flagship invasive, the Burmese Python, and brings a new challenge to Everglades management and restoration.

Spare a thought for the roots

Nutrient addition increases aboveground plant growth more than it increases belowground plant growth, suggesting that the two are not linked. 

Do fish graze the way for coral recovery?

Fish clear space for corals to grow in small scale experiments. But does fish grazing cause reefs to recover faster? A new study says no.

A Forest of Sensors

The Andrews Forest has produced cutting-edge research for decades. Moving forward, they look to the treetops to understand the forest.