Life in the Clean Van

Take a cruise out to sea with Maitreyi Nagarkar to sample isotopes at the California Current Ecosystems LTER Site.

Look at the Filters on that Rack!

Filtering is essential to research at the California Current Ecosystem LTER. Alexandra Freibott takes us through it!

Deep Sea Diving on Shallow Reefs

Survey coral under the waves with Stella Swanson at the Moorea Coral Reef LTER site for this edition of the SSALTER blog!

Poopy Penguins

After spending 30 days on a ship conducting research on the Antarctic ocean, I was going to get to visit my first penguin colony and I was so excited! I pictured in my mind cute little penguins, like the ones in the movie Happy Feet, jumping around rocks and playing in the water. When I… Read more »