Scaling Carbon Flux to the Site Level in the Context of Validating Products from Earth Observing Satellites

The workshop was held at the H.J. Andrews LTER site near Blue River Oregon on May 21 and 22, 2001 with support from the LTER Network Office. Twenty people attended, including participants from Brazil, Hungary and Korea. The workshop was intended to promote data exchange between the remote sensing community — which has begun to produce global land cover, leaf area index, and net primary production products — and the field sites where relevant validation data is being produced.

1993 Notes From a Meeting Between LTER and NASA/MODIS

Notes from a meeting Between LTER and NASA/MODIS Scientists NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 3/22-3/23 1993 John R. Vande Castle. These notes are from a meeting between representatives of LTER and NASA, in particular, of the NASA/MODIS (MODLAND) team.