Research in Action

Site Highlights

The Resilient Forest Series, Part 3: The Birds of Hubbard Brook.  An in depth look at the bird species in the Hubbard Brook LTER. (11:22)

Why is this Antarctic Glacier “Bleeding?” | Antarctic Extremes. PBS Terra highlights unusual features at the McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER. (10:00).

The Resilient Forest Series, Part 4: Our Changing Forests Program. Northern Woodlands Magazine explores the Harvard Forest LTER’s Changing Forest program, which allows middle school students to participate in a  long term research project. (6:46).

Baltimore Program Aims To Help Communities By Salvaging Wood From Vacant Homes | NBC Nightly News.  Highlighting a community program run in conjunction with the Baltimore Ecosystem Study LTER. (2:07).

Old-growth forests may protect birds in warming climate. Highlighting research findings from the Andrews Forest LTER. (0:49)

Policy and Governance: Innovating for Clean Water Results. Highlighting how research at the North Temperate Lakes LTER may help clean water access in the future. (4:44).

Urban Heat Island: Improving Data for Sustainable Cities. Highlighting how urban heat islands affect water security in Wisconsin, in conjunction with the North Temperate Lakes LTER. (5:21).

Groundwater and Agriculture: Tapping the Hidden Benefits. Understanding how groundwater and agriculture affect water security, in conjunction with the North Temperate Lakes LTER. (4:22)

Water Quality: Rethinking How to Clean Our Lakes. Showcasing research at the North Temperate Lakes LTER that explores efforts to improve water quality. (4:51).

Landscape Analyses: Getting the Most from Our Landscapes. Exploring landscape wide techniques applied to water sustainability, in conjunction with the North Temperate Lakes LTER. (5:28).

Scenarios: Building Resilience with Long-Term Thinking. Exploring how long-term research provides essential insight into preparing for the future of groundwater management, in conjunction with the North Temperate Lakes LTER. (6:00).

What is the Water Sustainability and Climate Project?  An overview of UW-Madison’s Water Sustainability and Climate Project, in conjunction with the North Temperate Lakes LTER. (3:38).

UVA is Preventing Coastal Erosion on VS’s Eastern Shore. Highlighting how the Virginia Coast Reserve LTER and the Nature Conservancy are leveraging long-term research to prevent coastal erosion. (2:27).

UVA’s Seagrass Restoration Efforts Paying Off. Highlighting how the Virginia Coastal Reserve LTER’s research on seagrasses have aided restoration efforts on the Eastern Shore. (2:27).

Researcher Highlights

A Scientists Life in 99 Seconds: Chemical Oceanographer Lihini Aluwihare. A rapid profile of Lihini Aluwihare, a researcher associated with the California Current Ecosystem LTER. (1:55).

Curiosity starts in your own backyard | Katharine Suding | TEDxCU Dr. Katherine Suding’s TEDx talk about the process of scientific discovery, with lessons from the ecosystem in urban Boulder, Colorado. Dr. Suding is the Lead-PI for the Niwot Ridge LTER. (14:04).

Eric Lind interview on NutNet. Hear Eric Lind speak about NutNet, a national network of nutrient experiments involving LTER sites. (14:06).

Research in 60 Seconds | Understanding Factors in Coral Bleaching. Professor Deron Burkepile of the Moorea Coral Reef LTER explains how her research has investigated coral bleaching at a LTER site. (1:15)

Mentoring UndergraduatesL Professors Sally Holbrook and Russell Schmitt Two professors at the Moorea Coral Reef LTER share their experience and insight regarding mentoring undergraduates through the Reseach Experience for Undergraduates program. (3:13)