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Central Arizona-Phoenix

Tres Rios | In this video, take a field trip to a large, constructed wastewater treatment wetland that serves west Phoenix. Scientists from the CAP LTER highlight research they conduct at the treatment site.
The CAP LTER released a series of videos highlighting their research initiatives in 2021. Other videos in the series are found to the right.

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek, Ecological Powerhouse | The Cedar Creek LTER has a long history of cutting edge experimental ecology research. This video interviews some of the top ecologists working at Cedar Creek, and gives a short overview of the Cedar Creek legacy.
Researchers at Cedar Creek are featured in a 2021 video series highlighting the LTER. Links to the rest of the series are found on the right.

Other videos in this series:

Harvard Forest

Climate Change Goes Underground | Researchers Serita Frey, Kristen DeAngelis, and Mallory Choudoir highlight work at the Harvard Forest that attempts to unravel the complex dynamics of forest soil in a changing climate.

In 2021, Harvard Forest released a series of videos highlighting research initiatives at the site. The rest of the series is found to the right.

Jornada Basin

Mark Sechrist: 10,000 years of People in the Jornada Basin | LTER Researcher Mark Sechrist gives an archeologists perspective of the Jornada Basin LTER.
Jornada released a series of videos highlighting activities at the LTER site. For more videos in the series, see the panel to the right.

Kellogg Biological Station

Prairie Strips | Kellog Biological Station LTER scientists discuss their experimental long term research using prairie strips, or long strips of native prairie planted between agricultural plots.
The Kellogg Biological Station LTER has a new series of videos discussing research at the site in 2021. For more videos, see right.

Konza Prairie

A year in the life of a Tallgrass Prairie | Konza Prairie experiences a wide range of environmental conditions over the course of a year, from heavy snowfall to dry, wildfire prone summers. Take a trip through one year at Konza with the Boyle Lab at Kansas State University.

The Boyle Lab produced several other videos about Konza, found to the right.

Northeast US Shelf

Stingray and Shadowgraph Imaging on Research Cruises | Watch how scientists at the NES LTER use heavy machinery and innovative technology to survey plankton communities in the open ocean.

This video is part of a series highlighting all the offshore research the NES LTER is currently supporting. Check out other videos to the right.

Northern Gulf of Alaska

Introduction to the Northern Gulf of Alaska LTER Site | Hear about the research and the incredible location of the Northern Gulf of Alaska LTER site.
This video is part of a short series outlining food webs in the NGA. The other video is to the right.
Food Web Virtual Field Trip, NGA LTER | This video highlights the expansive and complicated food web of the Northern Gulf of Alaska LTER. See beautiful video of creatures from a remote, faraway location.


In 2021, the Sevilleta LTER released a series of videos outlining their research activities.
Above, Lauren Baer outlines all the research and monitoring that the Sevilleta LTER makes possible. Hear how the LTER site collects data on plant biomass; how they study phenology, or biological timing; and how they survey different species populations in the desert. Links to other videos in the series are found to the right.