Abstract LTER sites are actively deploying, operating, or exploring establishment of sensor networks and there is a need for coordinated training on useful tools and strategies for managing the high volume of streaming data and associated metadata. A training workshop that was cost-shared among the LTER Network Office, the NCEAS’s Kepler REAP Project, and DataONE in May 2012 demonstrated very high demand for this type of training with over 70 applicants for 24 openings. This year the San Diego Super Computer (SDSC) Data Turbine development group is willing to cost-share this training. We propose a LTER/SDSC cost-shared training that will focus on software tools for data acquisition, transmission, quality control, and archival of streaming sensor data. Introductory material on strategies for managing, tracking and documenting sensor data will be presented. The workshop will include hands-on sessions and training on DataTurbine, Kepler, R, the CUAHSI Observations Data Model (ODM), and the GCE Matlab Toolbox.